This class is for those looking to get familiar with a handgun.  I start my classes fairly slowly.  The fundamentals of shooting are fairly simple, but that doesn’t mean they are easy.  I believe starting slowly allows you to build good habits that will follow you throughout your life.

This is a low-round count course.  Some different guns in different calibers and configurations are typically available for limited test-firing.  If you don’t have a gun yet, loaners may be available for rent.

Cost:$75, includes range fee

If you want to try out the demo guns, we can work out a reasonable cost for the ammunition used.  This can be a huge advantage if you are planning to buy a gun, because you will have hands on experience with different sizes and calibers.  You will have some idea of what works for you and what is a deal-breaker.

Duration: Approximately four hours

Round Count: Approximately 50 rounds

Required Equipment:

Some loaner equipment is available, please contact me when you sign up so I can plan to have it available.