So you’ve taken Intro, you’ve learned the basics in Handgun Fundamentals, and you’re ready to start learning how to apply those fundamentals to become a great shooter?

This class will cover drawing from a holster, as well as pressing the fundamentals a bit further than HF.  You will learn more about what it actually takes to consistently shoot well.

Being able to safely draw from a holster gives you a great tool, even if you don’t plan on ever carrying the gun in your day to day life.  Just having a safe place to put the gun while we are on the range will make us safer and more efficient while learning.  Having the skills required gives you an option to have a staged holster ready, even for self-defense in the home.  Having the ability to holster the gun can free up a hand to open doors, carry kids, fight, run, or some combination of the above.

Cost: $75

Duration: 4 hours

Round Count: 50-200  This can be flexible due to the cost and availability of ammunition.

Required Equipment:

Some loaner equipment is available, please contact me when you sign up so I can plan to have it available.